Welfare is a confidential, non-judgemental, listening and sign-posting service, run by and for Van Mildert students. We have a unique two part structure which, we believe, allows us to provide the best peer support in Durham.

Team Welfare are the people to call if you need information, sexual health supplies, or just fancy a chat. They have been specially trained to answer The Welfare Mobile, which is on every day during term time. Alternatively, you can send us an email, or come to our daily drop-ins. So, if you're not sure what to do, get in touch. If we can't help you, we're bound to know someone who can. 

The other half of this marriage made in Welfare heaven is Welfare Committee. These are the people committed to running the best Awareness Campaigns in awareness campaigns history. Expect to come away from our events with free sweets, condoms, pens, badges, bags, vitamins and leaflets, as well as an improved knowledge about the issues facing Durham students today. In the past, there have been campaigns about Alcohol Awareness, Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance (including the infamous SHAG Bop), Mental Health and Wealth, and much much more.

 Ring, ring, why don't you give us a call: 07964 591656

Drop us a message: welfare@mildert.co.uk

Order lots of lovely Welfare supplies here

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Ben JCR Welfare Officer - Ben Hodgkiss

Hi everyone! I'm Ben, your JCR Welfare Officer. It's my job to help make your time in Durham run as smoothly as possible. I oversee Team Welfare and Welfare Committee, making sure that we provide you with the best peer support service in Durham (if I don't say so myself!). I run a weekly drop in for you to collect supplies, pick my brains for Welfare information, or just help me eat lots of biscuits! But fear not as the rest of my team runs drop-ins every other day so we're literally always here! When I'm not 'busy' studying for the final year of my Chemistry & Maths degree, I can usually be found taking part in Outreach, playing the saxophone or rushing round near the college shop, but I'm never too busy to stop for a wee chat. 


Dan Assistant Welfare Officer - Dan Thompson

As well as being Ben's right hand man, Dan is a member of Team Welfare and Welfare Committee, and College Condom King! With loads of Welfare experience, an unflappable nature and the ability to chat to anyone, Dan is excited to bring all his skills to being AWO whether planning a campaign, listening to anyone who needs a chat or making some amazing posters!






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